Rules For Servants

When being spoken to, stand still, hands behind your back and eyes to the floor.
Keep your mouth shut, unless to ask a necessary question and then do it in as few words as possible.
Always respond when you have received an order and always use the proper address: yes, Mistress, no Madame, yes Goddess, no Empress etc. Mistakes & mixups will be dealt with in the appropriate and painful manner.

Never offer your opinion to a Lady, unless She has spoken directly to you and wants to hear something stupid.
If you encounter one of your betters in the house, make yourself as invisible as possible, turning yourself toward the wall and averting your eyes. Hold your breath and tongue.

If you are required to walk with a Lady in order to carry packages or for any other reason, always keep a few paces back.
You have one half-day off per month, but you are not allowed to leave the premises without consent of a Lady.
Expect that any breakages or damages in the house shall be severely punished.
You have to pay for your own uniform. Loans, at usury rates of course, can be provided.
You will be locked in chastity 24/7. Any attempt to remove the device will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible and can lead to dismissal.

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