Attempt number 1 . You're the weirdest girl I've ever met. Your gray square and the details in the correspondence of your move, did not stop me. Every day I get up with the thought that we will see each other despite all the difficulties. In my communication with you, you are an upstart, wild, sometimes silent. Every time, you run away from the answer. You have things to do.

I wish. that one day. I'll tell you in person: You're my baby..
Don't pay attention to everyone. rays of good for you.

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Влад Шилов, 35 лет

Москва, Россия

Добрый день

Max, 45 лет

Натания, Израиль

Do you speak English?

Наёмник, 31 год

Киров (Кировская обл.), Россия

Max is not my native language